Enjoy the tranquility in your own jungle

Eberswalde / Oderbruchstraße 14 / ground floor left
Your apartment 2,0 rooms / 46.72 m²
your move-in date 15.09.2023
Your carefree package just €527

You give us that

basic rent
ancillary costs advance. approx.
heating costs
rent including heating

At 1893 you don't just rent an apartment. You are also automatically a member of our cooperative family. The size of your apartment determines how many shares you own. One share costs €255,65. For this apartment here you get 5 shares. That is 1278.25€. There is also an admission fee of fifty €1 coins. ;)

For this you get:

A great apartment with:

  • Terrace
  • Bathroom with daylight
  • shower at ground level
  • towel radiators
  • Kitchen with daylight
  • multimedia box
  • Common room
  • KIWI locking system
  • Basement
  • Bicycle cellar / box
  • tenant garden

This freshly renovated 2-room apartment could be your new apartment from September 15.09.2023th, 20,41. In addition to the living room and a cozy bedroom, you can let off steam in the kitchen with a window. There can definitely be more here than just rice and beans. There is a real rainforest feeling when you shower! The absolute highlight is your own garden with XNUMX square meters. Expedition leader Konrad and his team are looking forward to exploring the jungle in the Oderbruchstraße with you.

  • Type of energy certificate: energy requirement certificate
  • Energy consumption of the building: [kWh/(m²a)]
  • Energy demand value of the building: 64.1 [kWh/(m²a)]
  • Energy source for building heating: District heating
  • Year of construction of the building: 1980
  • Energy efficiency class: B

A spotless living environment:

and on top of that:


24/7 service
with heart


meerkat club


cooperative life