News from the 1893

26 Feb
Happy Birthday #die1893 Exactly today - 130 years ago, on 26.0201893, Adolf Lemme founded the ...
15 Feb
From now on we have jungle fever! Out of the rocket suits and into the loincloths. Now it's off into the jungle to Boomtown Eberswalde! Because our...
08 Feb
How do you actually do it? A question we've been asked a lot over the last few months. Also attentive colleagues from the building management company Cottbus GmbH and...



Happy Birthday 1893 Exactly today - 130 years ago Adolf Lemme founded the Eberswalde Spar- und Bauverein together with a few other courageous men and women and thus laid the foundation stone for our current cooperative at Breite Straße 2. We're proud of the history of the 1893 and excited to see what the future holds for us. We take the courage of Adolf Lemme as a role model. Here's to the next 130 years! Happy Birthday dear 1893 ❤️🥳 #die1893 #genossenschaft #wohnenineberswalde #anniversary



Out of the rocket suits and into the loincloths. Now it's off into the jungle to Boomtown Eberswalde! Because our new 1893 apartment collection is here. This time it's called "Boomtown Eberswalde Jungle Edition". A total of 174 apartments are being built and there is something for everyone, from 1-room apartments to 5-room apartments. Don't worry, you don't have to climb palm trees to get to your apartments: most of the apartments are barrier-free and can be reached by elevator. The traffic-calmed inner courtyard and tenant gardens of the ground floor apartments ensure a perfect view of the countryside. For more neighborliness, there are a total of three common rooms - all jungle dwellers can meet here. With a lot of luck you can even hear the monkeys from the Eberswalde Zoo. Expedition leader Konrad and his team are looking forward to exploring the jungle in the Oderbruchstraße with you. Are you looking for an apartment? Then get in touch via the Buschfunk on 03334 304-0. 🌴🐒🦜 #die1893 #wohnung #wohnenineberswalde #eberswalde #boomtown



COMING SOON 🤓 With the Galaxy Edition we went to the moon and back. Now we are back on earth and looking forward to new adventures. 😍 You can be curious what this little look through the keyhole is all about. Write in the comments what you think about it. The resolution will then be available exclusively on February 13th. 🥳 We can hardly stay on our chairs, because we are already looking forward to the next expedition. 🤩 #comingsoon #surprise #wohnenineberswalde #die1893



The 1883 family keeps growing. In 2022, 226 new members joined. Welcome at our place! ❤️🥳 #die1893 #cooperative #members #wohnenineberswalde #eberswalde



How do others actually do it? We have often had visits from other housing companies in the past few months. They wanted to see how we work, how we control and design processes and how you can create that 1893 feeling. But on Tuesday we wanted to get out and went to @lebensraeume_hy. They also had many questions for us and together we were able to talk shop about our apps. This will by no means be a one-off visit and we will probably be able to welcome the Hoyerswerda to Eberswalde very soon. ☀️ #die1893 #workfeelings #newwork #exchange of experiences #eberswalde #wohnenineberswalde #cooperative





Drum roll!: Matching the start of construction in the Oderbruch action area, it's here now: our third folding map. This time it is aimed at the children in the Brandenburg Quarter. Everywhere on the map, meerkats look out of their burrows and show where there is something for children to discover. Last week it was distributed throughout the neighborhood. #die1893 #housing cooperative #wohnenineberswalde #eberswalde #lebenineberswalde #brandvier