You're probably wondering what the difference is between us as a cooperative and a "normal" housing provider?

With us you do not pay a deposit, but buy shares at the beginning of the rental period and thus become a member of the cooperative. As a member, you can, for example, be nominated as a representative. On the one hand you are the mouthpiece for the other members, but on the other hand you also appoint the supervisory board of the cooperative. The supervisory board in turn appoints the board of directors, which runs the cooperative. You see, you can participate in a cooperative. By the way, you can also become a member without renting an apartment and accompany us on our way. Please send us an email for this willkommen@1893-wohnen.de.
What is also special is that the profits made benefit the members. For example, we build new playgrounds, renovate stairwells or set up walker boxes. We do everything to make our members feel completely comfortable.

Above all, you get real neighbors with us:

Please send us an email for this willkommen@1893-wohnen.de.


Meet us in Meerkat Club.

The Meerkat Club is the children's club of our cooperative
Every child of our members is automatically part of our meerkat club.
We deal a lot with child-friendliness in the individual residential areas, want to offer the children of our cooperative added value and make friends among the kids.

What is the
Meerkat Club?