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Neighborhood and togetherness are our hallmark. That was the case in 1893, when twelve families got together to found our cooperative. That was the case when most of the houses we have today were built. During the build-up hours and later in the house community, our members spent a lot of time together and helped each other. This is still the case in our neighborhoods today. You know each other.

In the Brandenburg Quarter, many new people come together every year with every further renovated house. They too feel the awakening. Everyone moves in together. Most are open to encounters and curious about who lives next door. In order for this initial magic to bear fruit, there is a common room in every house. Even before moving in, we ask for ideas on how we can set up the room.

In 2020 we renovated our first house on Havellandstraße and set up the first common room on the ground floor. He is now regularly booked for game nights, darts competitions or coffee parties. Residents swap books and toys on a large bookshelf. Two large wing chairs invite you to read. In no time at all, the furniture can be put outside to enjoy the summer in the newly designed inner courtyard.

In 2022, four new common rooms will be created in the Cottbus action area - one per house.