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The beginnings of digital building technology have been made. We know what skills our employees will need in the future so that they can make optimal use of the data from the buildings. We have defined the circumstances under which we purchase new systems with digital equipment. And we prepare ourselves in such a way that the data from our houses remains in our hands. Because that is the most important thing, despite all the relief and time savings that digitization offers us. A number of sensors and devices are already sending signals out of our homes. In any case, this will increase.

We are taking a big step with the KIWI digital locking system. We use a transponder to control access to the entrance areas and to rooms that are available to all residents - our common room, for example, the bicycle cellar, the stroller and walker storage room or the garbage dump. If a chip is lost, we block it and don't have to replace the entire locking system at once. We are starting with our newly renovated houses in the BRAND.VIER renovation project.

2021 was also our first real Sablono year. The digital tool for the construction progress keeps all trades, architects, planners and site managers up to date. Apartment by apartment, you can see in real time how far one trade has progressed with its work and when the next one can come in. This saves resources and prevents idle times. And the collected data will help us in the next houses. In 2022 we will also digitize construction planning and introduce lean management methods. This will be at least as exciting as 2021.

Incidentally, our caretakers only have to tick a box when they document their inspection rounds. Our new caretaker app from IVMPRO shows you your daily tasks for each property. You can also use the app to report damage directly to the technical department. This not only saves paperwork, but also simplifies the obligation to provide evidence.