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And then there is Gisela's father Heinz. She persuaded him 15 years ago to come to Eberswalde as well. Gisela's mother had died. And now Gisela lived here in Eberswalde, father Heinz far away in Thuringia and daughter Heike far away in Baden Württemberg. That made little sense to Gisela. She wanted her father close. And she hoped that Heike would eventually return to Eberswalde, or at least somewhere close by. So the choice fell on Eberswalde. And because a lot of apartments were becoming available in the district anyway, they organized Heinz's move to Oderbruchstrasse.

In the beginning he struggled a lot with the changeover. It's not for nothing that an old tree is not transplanted. He had left so much behind: the skat friends, the allotment garden, his family doctor, the friends he knew from school days. Even though there weren't that many left. But there were also skate fans in the district. Gisela even knew one. And they were very happy that Heinz completed the round again.

In the meantime, the family happiness is perfect. Because daughter Heike has actually returned to Eberswalde. Great-granddaughter Leonie makes everyone smile. And now there will probably be a little baby. Gisela gave it away. How nice that Heinz can experience all this up close. When he couldn't see his grandchildren growing up.

By the way, in 2022 his house will be renovated. Then he has to go. It's going to be stressful, but there's enough help there. Gisela will organize it. How good that Heinz has his family around him.