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Neighborhoods sometimes have really great coincidences in store. A single mother with a smart daughter is moving in. Right next to her, a single settles in. The two like each other, hope to be good neighbors and then: PENG. It sparks between the two. You might think we placed the two next to each other to inspire the neighborhood.

The three are now leaving Havellandstrasse and moving into the same house as Heike's mother Gisela on Cottbuser Strasse. We just recently renovated it. 168 fresh apartments with great floor plans. There have been 26 different ones. Hard to believe when everyone immediately thinks of the three-room apartment with hatch and windowless bathroom.

Jack and Heike have opted for an apartment on the ground floor. This way you can keep an eye on Leonie when she goes out to play outside in the courtyard by herself. She needs to be more independent soon. Because she's finally going to be a big sister. This time it will definitely be a little easier with the baby, Heike thinks. When grandma lives in the house with you. And Grandpa Heinz also sees another baby growing up. Heike is sure that mother Gisela has already talked. Grandpa's eyes lit up so curiously the other day.

Your new apartment will have four rooms and two bathrooms. A bathroom connects directly to the bedroom. Jack can set up his office in the connecting room. Leonie is looking forward to sharing the room with her sibling. Let's see how long the joy lasts.