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Who rests, rusts. Of course we don't want that at all. We have now been restructuring and modernizing for five years and are simply moving on. There is still so much to do. Because the world of work has changed enormously.

People work with passion when they enjoy their job, when they are surrounded by pleasant people, when they have a responsibility they feel up to, and when they experience appreciation - also for their life outside of work. Digitization does the rest and makes so many things possible: transparency, flexible working at your favorite place, self-organized work. If the processes are optimally structured and digitized, rooms and walls become less important.

In 2021 we started casting and naming our special way of working. For example, we open up projects that, according to old departmental thinking, are to be carried out by certain people, for the entire company and set them up more broadly with cross-functional teams. We rely on flat hierarchies and want to reduce them even further. Anyone who wants to can contribute and realize their ideas in our company. We tear down walls and bring our employees together - in all-hands meetings, in walk and talk or in zoom meetings.