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It is a beginning that can become something really big: art in the building in the Brandenburg Quarter. With Galerie Fenster, we have already established a cultural location together with cultural entrepreneur Udo Muszynski. Changing exhibitions, open-air events and regular weekly formats attract the curious and those interested in culture to the WERFT on Prignitzer Straße. In the long term, the site is intended to become a meeting place in the district.

The fact that Galerie Fenster has already made a name for itself became particularly clear in 2021. Many decentralized events in the city also had a location on Prignitzer Strasse. In late summer, Udo Muszynski even received a request from the city administration to upgrade the weekly market in the district with culture. For 14 years he has been successfully organizing the cultural series Guten Morgen Eberswalde in the city center every Saturday morning. He has now transferred this concept to the weekly market and is now inviting people there every Wednesday during daylight hours. It's just speculation, but we suspect that the Galerie Fenster provided the starting point for this idea.

Now Udo Muszynski has identified other locations in the district that bring art to the people. The entrances of our newly renovated houses become gallery walls for artists. In 2021, Gudrun Sailer from Eberswalde made the start and equipped the two entrance areas of our first renovated house on Havellandstraße with graphic reliefs. The shiny medallions in bluish turquoise-green show faces and figures. The good household spirits receive those who come and bid farewell to those who go. You will see, hear and feel a lot. They will certainly succeed in balancing the many energies that are moving about in this house.

Further artistically designed entrance areas will follow in 2022: Four artists for four houses in the Cottbus action space. More on this in the next annual report.