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Still office or already home office? We opened the LOFT and can't imagine a nicer place. The LOFT is more than just the entrance to 1893. Everyone who walks in immediately recognizes that this is about living. The LOFT is like a spacious living room with an open kitchen, various seating areas, a winter garden and plenty of daylight. At the same time, it looks highly professional and particularly functional.

A curtain concept turns the large room into smaller separées. Large and small meetings, trusting conversations or concentrated work in a busy place are therefore possible at any time. Great coffee, chilled water at the push of a button and an apple basket that is always full help you concentrate or chat. Large screens support digital work.

Incidentally, the LOFT is only the beginning of a new cooperative building. We are working intensively on our New Work elements and are thus changing our old office structure bit by bit. Why only bring the people in the neighborhood together? Community is also good at work.