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This is Gisela. She has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years. Your children grew up here. It was a wonderful time. Perhaps the best of her life. But a new beautiful time is just beginning. Her granddaughter Leonie has been living just around the corner for a year. She has returned to Eberswalde from Baden-Württemberg together with Mama Heike and lives in our first renovated BRAND.VIER house.

Gisela has survived a rather dreary time in the district, she believes. Many people left, houses disappeared. Gisela wanted to stay and has seen a lot of positive things over the past five years. Little by little things changed in the district. When the moving trucks pull up, they now bring furniture instead of driving it away. The neighborhood is interesting again. Now she hopes that Leonie will be able to have as many adventures in the neighborhood as her mum and uncle did when they were children.

By the way, Gisela lives on Cottbuser Strasse. Your house is one of the four houses that we renovated in 2021. That's why Gisela had to leave the neighborhood for half a year. Shortly before Christmas she was able to move back in – into a brand-new renovated apartment. She was still in the neighborhood every day. In all weathers, she picked up her granddaughter from daycare. It's right next to Grandma Gisela's house. They then went to Leonie's house on Havellandstrasse. And now you can just go over to Grandma Gisela's. The playground will be ready in the summer. Leonie is particularly looking forward to that.

By the way, Leonie's neighbor on Havellandstrasse is Jack – a native Englishman with a wonderful accent and a big heart. Leonie liked him from the start. He had given her small wooden balls for her marble run. They were lost when moving. In the meantime, Mama's heart has also been lost. It landed one door down at Jack's...