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Just five years ago, the demolition of the Brandenburg Quarter was a done deal. BRAND.VIER is currently the only large settlement that is being renovated to this extent. It's not just about a fresh coat of paint for the apartments, but about new life within the settlement. The first construction phases and the fair rental business confirm that we are on the right track.

The state government is funding BRAND.VIER with 60 million euros. Most of it goes into housing construction, but infrastructure projects are also part of the strategy. In the meantime, a new beginning can be felt, reminiscent of the construction of the settlement in the 70s and 80s. Everywhere it is teeming with craftsmen, construction vehicles, cranes, new residents who are discovering the new apartments and the district.

Actually, only the cool apartments were missing. Everything else is there: art and culture, many social facilities, very good transport links, nature and leisure opportunities. When we upgrade the outdoor facilities, we pay attention to encounters and neighborhoods.

Incidentally, we also think about this during the construction phase. So that the hard-working boys and girls feel comfortable on the construction site, we ring the bell every Wednesday for a coffee break. Many come then, looking forward to tea or coffee and sometimes even a small snack. A simple gesture with a big impact.