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In 2020 we celebrated great success with our BOOMTOWN EBERSWALDE apartment collection. We even won the first German real estate award in the Best Brand category. We rented 43 freshly renovated apartments on Havellandstraße fairly. In 2021, 168 apartments were to be marketed. It goes without saying that a home collection was also needed for this. We stayed true to our BOOMTOWN EBERSWALDE campaign and developed the Galaxy Edition from here to infinity.

The Enterprise was on the road for five years to discover foreign galaxies. That's kind of how it feels to us. We have also been on the road for five years to discover BRAND.VIER and develop it into a livable and lovable galaxy. In 2020 it started with 43 apartments. 2021 apartments were added in 168. And in 2022 we will start with the next 208 apartments.

For this purpose, our design architect Frank Zimmermann from Cottbus dissects the houses and reassembles them so that they meet the wishes of modern living. The panel used to be the epitome of modern living. It has an indestructible structure and is so wonderfully modular that great floor plans can be developed from it - for every type of living, for every age and for every phase of life. The elevators also make it possible for older people to get up high again and enjoy a fantastic view from the fifth floor. And thanks to the combined entrances, many encounters are possible.