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In 2021 our BRAND.VIER team had to find each other. There was no other way. Five years ago, when we started looking through the BRAND.VIER inventory and starting to think about the renovation, there were two employees who were busy with it. There are now five 1893s that control and accompany BRAND.VIER. They are joined by the employees of the planning office Senator.PMS and, in the design phases, the architects Zimmermann and Partner. A colorful bunch of all ages and with different passions. They got to know each other very intensively this year - in which BRAND.VIER really picked up speed - and mastered many difficult situations together.

At the same time, the transition from our team leader Beatrice Reich to the new team leader Kerstin Köhler had to be moderated. She should take over when Beatrice Reich goes into well-deserved retirement in mid-2022, which has already been postponed several times. Because she is not just moving up from the team, but is a brand new addition to the 1893, day-to-day business and induction were on her agenda.

While things are happening on the construction site every day, our BRAND.VIER team meets in team meetings, negotiates prices and fees, coordinates and controls costs, meets with officials and artists for building inspections or to call for subsidies and to control the defect processing. They follow new presentations from the architects, weigh up risks with the auditors, feed their software and check it, process invoices, negotiate supplements, coordinate with property neighbors, other 1893 teams, authorities and managers - for example on the cooperation agreement, on retiring tenants, on special requests from tenants or on species protection. They prepare press events on the construction sites, draw up schedules for the next construction site and check them almost every day. And every now and then take a deep breath.