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Our founding couple is called Marie and Adolf Lemme. In 1893 they founded today's 1893. At that time it was the Eberswalder Spar- und Bauverein. Now that we are running into the future as much as ever, where we are building and creating value for the next 30 years, we wanted to get to know our roots better and put the characters Marie and Adolf Lemme in the hands of an artist couple who have known us since the LOFT opening accompanied. It was opened with the 1893 trolleybus or landed with the time machine at the official start of construction in the Cottbus action area. Brandenburg's Infrastructure Minister Guido Beermann, who visited us a year earlier to sign the cooperation agreement, certainly didn't forget the two of them that quickly.

Because Marie and Adolf Lemme give our 1893 two faces and they tell about the beginnings of our cooperative. Not that much has changed since then. Yes, the number of apartments is significantly higher than the twelve apartments back then. At that time, the 46 employees were not necessary to manage the apartments. Nevertheless, it is still about togetherness, mutual help, appreciation and the preservation of our homes. This is exactly what draws a wonderful arc into the current time.

In the meantime, the family happiness is perfect. Because daughter Heike has actually returned to Eberswalde. Great-granddaughter Leonie makes everyone smile. And now there will probably be a little baby. Gisela gave it away. How nice that Heinz can experience all this up close. When he couldn't see his grandchildren growing up.

By the way, in 2022 his house will be renovated. Then he has to go. It's going to be stressful, but there's enough help there. Gisela will organize it. How good that Heinz has his family around him.