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Almost all efforts are focused on BRAND.VIER - the district that was supposed to be demolished just five years ago. We are now renovating here and are proud that the apartments are so popular. With the many new residents in the district, our cooperative and our importance in the city is also growing. Hardly anyone doubts that the quarter will change, that it will become a popular district. It's no longer just a vision.

The cooperation with the city of Eberswalde and the state of Brandenburg is on an equal footing. Everyone is trying very hard to ensure that we have the right conditions for the extensive changes in the district. At this point we just say THANK YOU for so much trust and for the chance to give the district great apartments that attracted people even then.

And of course THANK YOU to everyone who saws, seals, hammers, paints, drills, nails, plans, measures, plasters, bricks, walls, dowels, lays, screws, grout, sands, manages, fills and mills every day.