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In 2021, for the second time, we asked our members how much they liked living with us, whether they felt comfortable with us and what we could improve. The results really impressed us. Because we were able to top our very good results from 2019 again.

95 percent of our members confirmed that they always get the right contact person on the phone when they call us. And 92 percent confirmed that we always stick to agreements. 96 percent would recommend us. These are enormous values ​​that we also attribute to our digitization philosophy.

Although we hardly got to see each other in person, our members feel so well looked after. This also has to do with the fact that we can be reached on all channels and are always informative. All agreements are precisely documented. And all employees can access it.

At the end of the survey, our members were able to write three words that would describe our 1893. The word "modern" was used very often. We are particularly pleased about that. After all, which housing company is seen as modern? We want to be, yes. But whether we really are is decided by the people we want to reach.