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In 2020 they were the first residents of our mega-project BRAND.VIER. You have moved into our first newly renovated house. They were the first to enjoy a common room. And they are the first to walk through an artistically designed entrance area every day. Leonie - Gisela's granddaughter, who came to Eberswalde from Baden-Württemberg with Mama Heike - can tell a story about all the medallions. Every face has a name.

Leonie's neighbor's name is Jack. Leonie thinks he talks very funny. Because he comes from England and actually prefers to speak English, Mama explained. Leonie already pronounces some words the same way Jack does. Because they spend a lot of time together. Sometimes Jack even sleeps in Mom's bed. Maybe he wants to be my dad. Leonie has thought about this more often lately. She wants to ask him soon. They're moving into Grandma's house together now. Everything is just as nice and new there as it is here. But her apartment will be bigger. Jack needs space for himself too, Mama says.

Leonie is happy, but also a bit sad because she won't be able to see Aunt and Uncle Schön every day. She means the Schöning family, who also live on Havellandstrasse. Mr. Schöning grew up in the neighborhood and moved away when things went downhill. Now he's back and is happily watching the neighborhood flourish. Uncle Schön has already asked Leonie if she will come visit her. Leonie would like to. But only if Uncle and Aunt Schön also come to see her.