April 4 2023

We put the first parking garage in the Brandenburg Quarter into operation. The leases will run from April 15th. There are now 83 parking spaces available in Senftenberger Straße for our BRAND.VIER campaign area Cottbus. 55 of them are inside the garage, another 28 outside.

"Parking spaces are scarce in the Brandenburg district," says Sylvia Ulrich from the BRAND.VIER team. "Since the 168 apartments in the Cottbus campaign area have been renovated and re-let, many additional parking spaces have been in demand. With the parking garage, we are fulfilling this wish and, thanks to the two floors, we are also saving space because the vehicles are on top of each other. The fewer areas that are sealed, the better,” says Sylvia Ulrich.

Climate protection and climate adaptation considered

This is not the only aspect that we have considered in the direction of climate protection and climate adaptation: parking spaces for e-cars are of course provided. Fourteen charging points can be put into operation if required. “The connections are there. Only the wall boxes still have to be installed,” assures Sylvia Ulrich. There are also four charging stations for e-bikes inside the parking garage. The necessary distributions are available.

For the cladding of the upper floor we have chosen the renewable raw material wood. Around the first floor, a trellis is waiting to be conquered by climbing plants. This green wall then not only offers privacy and shade inside the parking garage, but also cools the surrounding area and offers protection for birds and insects.

A camera checks who is allowed to park and who is not

The parking garage is equipped with the ParkRoom Management of PRM GmbH. The system recognizes the entering license plates and compares whether they are authorized to park in the garage. If a vehicle is not one of them, the occupants are kindly asked to leave the parking garage again. If you stay longer than five minutes, you will be fined for illegal parking.

Action area Cottbus almost complete

The parking garage is one of the last projects to complete the BRAND.VIER campaign area in Cottbus. Last year we renovated four houses with 168 apartments and then upgraded the outdoor facilities - including the Spreewald Park and the parking garage. 1893 is currently renovating five houses with 174 apartments in the Oderbruch action area. Tenant gardens and arcades will make the ensemble clearly distinguishable here.