Februar 2, 2023

A question we've been asked a lot over the last few months. Also attentive colleagues of Building Management Cottbus GmbH and the Housing cooperative UNITAS eG have followed our change in recent years. But just watching from afar was not enough for the people of Cottbus and Leipzig - they wanted to feel the 1893 spirit and experience it live.
To warm up, everyone was able to get to know each other at a speed dating event and find things in common. Immediately afterwards there were professional sessions and an exchange of ideas. We are pleased that we were able to answer and illustrate all of our visitors' questions.
After a lot of input it was “head off”. Yoga has become an important source of energy for us in recent months. We also wanted to give the visitors this energy and power to take with them on their way. We are very excited to see what impact the visit will have on daily work in Cottbus and Leipzig.